Ei ASSET - Know where your school stands

Ei ASSET is a skill-based test that measures students' conceptual understanding and benchmarks the school’s performance at international, national & regional levels with actionable insights through easy-to-understand reports.

asset based education

A test for every school, every class, every year

Grades and Subjects

3 to 10 – English, Math & Science
5 to 10 – Social Studies
4 to 8 – Hindi
3 to 10 – Computational Thinking

Regions and Curriculum

The Ei ASSET exams cover all the major curricula being taught in India, UAE, Singapore, Gulf, & Africa.

Mode and Frequency

OMR or Computer based test conducted one or more times an year depending on school's requirement.

Ei ASSET helps you gain these essential insights

Benchmark Performance

How does your school's students perform compared to other schools and what areas need improvement?

Diagnose Misconceptions

Do students understand concepts deeply and are there any critical learning gaps?

Assess Teacher Effectiveness

What should your teachers do to improve classroom instruction?

Personalised Reports

Ei ASSET Reports offer actionable insights for everyone.


A bird’s eye view report of the entire school’s performance


A customised report for each subject teacher on the performance of every class.


Customised feedback on student performance.

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Partnered with 10,000 schools

Awards & Recognition


For every participating student


Awarded to subject toppers

Gifted Opportunities

Programmes for academically gifted students

Full-time support for you and your teachers

Our academic support team remains with you every step of the way and helps your teachers make the most out of the insights derived, plan remedial measures and make necessary adjustments to their teaching plans.

Gifted Opportunities

Based on a child’s Ei ASSET score*, they might get invited for the higher-level test, Ei ASSET Talent Search. This test identifies gifted students who will qualify further for gifted programmes by Ei ASSET and partner universities. The Ei ASSET team has been offering programmes for gifted students for the last nine years and have delivered more than 70 advanced courses to 650+ academically-gifted students across India and the UAE.
*Please visit Ei ASSET Talent Search website to know more about a child’s eligibility for the test.

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