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Cover page, Acknowledgement and Index
Executive Summary
1. Design of the Study
2. Overall Learnings
3. Comparative Findings
4. SLS 2009 Benchmarks
5. Recommendations
6. Sample Design
7. Test Development
8. Test Administration
9. Report and Analysis
10. Bibliography
3.5 MB Download
Appendix A: List of Competencies
Appendix B: Overall Summary Statistics of All Papers
Appendix C: SLS 2009 Benchmarks
1.4 MB Download
Appendix D: State Level Statistics for All papers
Appendix E: Multiple Comparisons of Average Achievement for States
Appendix F: State Wise Rural and Urban Statistics for All Papers
Appendix G: IRT Parameters for All Questions
Appendix H: Matrix Plot for All Papers
Appendix I: Supporting Information from Analysis of Background Factors
Appendix J: State Wise – Oral Test Overall Performance
1 MB Download
Appendix K: Permission Letters
Appendix L: Frequently Asked Questions about the Project
Appendix M: Master Trainer Manual
Appendix N: Evaluator Manual
4 MB Download
Appendix O: District Coordinator Manual
Appendix P: Recruitment Poster, Test Paper and Scoring Sheet
Appendix Q: Master Trainer and Evaluator Feedback Form
Appendix R: Evaluator Training Attendance Sheet
Appendix S: Enrolment Feedback Form and FAQ
Appendix T: Evaluator Certificate and College letter
Appendix U: School Information Schedule
Appendix V: Student Questionnaire
Appendix W: Top Sheet and Scorecard
3.5 MB Download
Appendix X: Question Papers 3.9 MB Download