Comprehensive Assessment, Reports and Evaluation for Schools

Helping schools re-imagine and re-define assessments, end-to-end.

About Ei CARES

Ei’s Comprehensive Assessment, Reports and Evaluation for Schools (Ei CARES) is a unique assessment package scientifically designed to replace conventional assessments, and free up crucial time for teachers, thus allowing to identify gaps and act on them with empirical data.



  • Chapter-wise class, unit and end term assessments with high-quality questions
  • Available for grades 3 to 10
  • Covers English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Hindi


  • Customisable assessment papers
  • Online and offline options for conducting assessments
  • Evaluation rubrics for standardised correction
  • Digital evaluation of student responses
  • Class-level and student-level report with remediation support on critical questions


  • Convenience and safety of online assessments that can be accessed from computer or mobile
  • Ability to scan and upload answers at the click of a button
  • Insightful analysis of responses to identify the student's specific strengths and weaknesses


  • Actionable insights for parents to address the student's learning gaps
  • Detailed reports to track the student's progress through the school year


Customized Assessments

  • Papers are created as per the teacher’s blueprint
  • Questions and tests are of high quality


  • Tests can be conducted online or offline
  • Students can access online papers from computers and tablets
  • Scan and upload handwritten answer sheets

Uniform and Fair Evaluations

  • Detailed and quality rubrics
  • Standardised correction process across papers
  • Online and offline correction

Insightful reports

  • Reports generated in 24 hours after evaluation
  • Student performance and common problem areas are analysed
  • Reports highlight misconceptions and give tips for rememdiation

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