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Educational Initiatives (EI) is an edtech organization that leverages the twin levers of cutting-edge educational research and a technology-based solutions approach to revolutionize how children engaged in the K-12 education space learn. Our vision is to create a world in which children everywhere learn with understanding. Our goal is to reach a multitude of children across different strata of society, irrespective of the kind of education they are receiving today or the curriculum they are following.

We achieve this goal by building offerings that focus on diagnostic assessment and personalized learning. We believe in a scientific approach to conceptualizing, designing and building our offerings. This stems from a dream to discover a SCIENCE OF LEARNING that can systematically be made available to teachers. To draw an analogy, modern medicine is the result of a corresponding Science of Medicine that is only about 80 years old. Almost all treatments are based on a scientific approach that follows a process chain enabling in-depth testing, analysis, diagnosis, prescription, progress-tracking and achievement of the goal for which treatment is being done. 

EI's mission is to build this 'Science of Learning which would provide answers to questions like how many children are not able to (say) correctly subtract in class 5 or solve equations in class 8. It would also categorise the different underlying errors and their frequencies. The Science of Learning would provide teachers a repository of data and techniques that they can use to help children learn better - a big improvement over today's situation where teachers struggle alone to help students learn. EI's work on assessment and learning has already helped create banks of misconceptions, common student errors and the like and share these as usable insights with teachers.

The Science of Learning gets built by the use of technology and also helps technology be used better to improve learning!

When you enter EI's workspace, you will instantly feel the charged atmosphere that emanates from this daily pursuit!

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