Strengthening Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education through a benchmarking study of student learning outcomes

Duration of Assignment: 2013 – 2014
Country: India (Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan)
Name of Client: MacArthur Foundation

‘Strengthening Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education through a Benchmarking Study of Student Learning Outcomes’. The project is a benchmarking research study of student learning outcomes in the 3 states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Students in government secondary schools in classes 9 & 10 will be tested for their achievement in Language and Mathematics. An additional sample of 1000 students per state will be included each for Classes 9 & 10, from affordable private schools of the respective state (The affordable private schools will be from the same districts which have been selected for the main assessment). The study will also collect background information on students, teachers, head teachers and schools to look for factors associated with learning. The project will further disseminate the results and carry out workshops in each participating state for participants from the State Department of Education, the State Council of Educational Research and Training, District Institutes of Educational Training, District Education Officers and Teachers. The workshops will address the learning gaps and enable the stakeholders to set goals for improving student learning in their various functional areas. The diagnostic information from the tests will be made available item-wise as open source and can be included in the state education portals for all stakeholders to use.

Actual Services Provided by EI within the assignment

Background Research and Assessment Design, Test Design and Development, Pilot Testing, Sampling, Permissions, Recruitment of state, district coordinators and evaluators, Training for Test Conduction, Test Conduction, Analysis and Reports, Conducting dissemination workshops with suggestions and insights from the study.

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