Establishing Benchmarks of Student Learning

Assignment Name: Establishing Benchmarks of Student Learning
Duration of Assignment (months): 2012 -2013
Country: India
Name of Client: Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

As the first study of its kind in India, Establishing Benchmarks of Student Learning represents an early, scientifically sound attempt to give all stakeholders the power to make data-driven decisions that can help to improve students’ learning outcomes. The study provides a data-driven understanding of the actual learning levels of children in elementary schools (grades 3-7) in India in a range of school systems across different socioeconomic, linguistic, and geographic groups.

The study aimed to understand

1. What is the difference in learning achievements across school categories, grades and subjects?

2. How are scores distributed in each school category and are there different patterns in different school categories?

3. What is the extent of variation in performance across districts?

The study included students from classes 3 through 7 across three different types of urban school systems – Government Schools, Affordable Private Schools and High Fee Private Schools across six states in order to cover all the relevant schooling option available to students in India and to make sure that the results are applicable across India.

Government schools were selected on the basis of their performance in the Educational Initiatives’ Student Learning Study (2009). Affordable private schools and high-fee private schools included were selected from the cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Dharwad, and Rajkot. Approximately 75,000 students, equally distributed across class 3 to class 7, were tested as part of the study (45,000 students from government schools, 15,000 from affordable private schools, and 15,000 from the high-fee private schools). A large sample was selected in order to make sure that the results are reliable and are representative of entire system.

Actual Services Provided by EI within the assignment:

Sampling, Test Development, Test Administration, Analysis Reports

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