Bhutan – ‘Annual Status of Student Learning’ – Assessment of Students’ (ASSL)

Assignment Name: Bhutan – ‘Annual Status of Student Learning’ – Assessment of Students’ (ASSL)’
Duration of Assignment (months): 2007 – 2012 (60)
Country: Bhutan
Name of Client: Royal Education Council, Govt of Bhutan

The ‘Annual Status of Student Learning’ study was an assessment conducted for ALL students in Bhutan in classes 4, 6 and 8 in Maths, English and Science. EI designed and developed the assessments, drawing upon its expertise in conducting the ASSET test and in conducting large scale assessments in different languages across various states of India. The tests measured how well students are learning in Bhutanese schools. This test tried to gauge children’s performance on learning with understanding, critical thinking and problem solving skills, though carefully designed and refined questions. The tests also benchmarked the performance of students in Bhutan with international performance to understand how they compare globally. The tests also tried to answer the extent to which students are attaining age-appropriate competencies. The report is published and is available in public domain. A working paper of the same is enclosed.

Actual Services Provided by EI within the assignment:

Test Development, Analysis Reports, Test Administration, Capacity building of Bhutan team.

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The Annual Status of Student Learning (ASSL) study carried out by the Royal Education Council with the support of Educational Initiatives provides comprehensive feedback on the quality of the student learning in Bhutan today. The study also provides details for strengthening conceptual learning in students. The results from ASSL can feed into the different areas actioned upon by the Ministry related to curriculum, teacher training, student evaluation and classroom processes in schools.

I am confident that the ASSL findings will augment the various strategic steps taken by all us collectively to strengthen the quality education in Bhutan. I would encourage schools to make widespread use of the ASSL reports and school-specific findings provided by the study to improve and target classroom reforms and processes.

- Lyonpo Thakur S. Powdyel, Minister, Ministry of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan