Leverage the twin levers of cutting-edge educational research and a technology-based solutions approach to revolutionize how children engaged in the K-12 education space learn.

We reach a multitude of children across different strata of society, irrespective of the kind of education they are receiving or the curriculum they are following.

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Online Learning Offerings

Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalised learning
and ensuring that students learn with understanding.

Ei Mindspark - Personalised Math Learning Program

Personalised Learning Software

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Skill-based benchmarking test

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Topic-wise testing tool with detailed results provided within 24 hours

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Ei Shiksha

100+ projects undertaken in collaboration with Governments, foundations, and CSR

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ASSET Talent Search

Identifying and nurturing gifted students.

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Our Impact



12 million students assessed


Ei Mindspark

5 lakh students experienced personalised Math learning

Detailed Assessment


5000+ teachers assisted for classroom remediation

Large Scale Education Programmes

Ei Shiksha

100 + large scale projects executed

Ei Gifted Studies

45,000+ students explored new academic opportunities

Partner schools

10,000 schools in 18 regions

Our Partners



Uttar Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation
Andhra Pradesh


Not for Profit



We are continually looking for people with a positive attitude, compassion, a compelling desire to make a difference in the way children learn!

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Our Journey

  • Science of Learning:

    where we undertake research on students' learning backed by use of assessments and student level data.

  • International sales expands its footprint to 19 countries.

  • Launch of Gifted Education and Counseling with programmes offered in India, UAE and Online.

  • Mindspark Navigator

    Investment in Mindspark Navigator for improving learning outcomes in students. It helps students to set goals, learn content aligned to those goals and monitor progress towards those goals with actionable insights.

  • Gaja Partnership

    Gaja Capital invested in Educational Initiatives.

  • Mindspark English:

    English language programme focusing on reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary proficiency building.

  • ASSET Talent Search:

    Launch of ASSET Talent Search (ATS) test and ASSET Summer Programme (ASP) to identify, acknowledge and support academically gifted children.

  • Detailed Assessment:

    Creation of Detailed Assessment to assess topic-wise understanding of students round the year.

  • Mindspark Math:

    Creation of Mindspark to enable personalised adaptive learning to suit every child’s pace.

  • LSEP:

    LSEP (Large Scale Education Programmes) take up their first project with Andhra Pradesh Government.

  • ASSET:

    ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) to ensure conceptual clarity among students and benchmark them against their peers.

  • Inception of Ei:

    3 IIM Graduates founded Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. to ensure that every child learns with understanding.

How it all started